The goal of my autographed disc collection is one of sustained personal intent; an eventual donation to a public exhibit such as the Smithsonian Rock and Soul Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, Washington, or even the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Without exception, none are for sale.

Since the 1990's and through this decade too, I have continued to collect autographs from musicians. My gratefulness is sincere when they oblige a favour by signing their name on my CD for me to add to this rare collection. The music from those bands and artists that I've collected has had a profound influence on my own musicianship and appreciation. If it weren't for their music, I'm not so certain I might have found anything nearly as enjoyable in my life to replace it.

In recent years, collecting musician autographs has become far more difficult; attributed largely to the escalating sense of commodity that eBay and similar selling forums has nurtured, combined with increasingly strict security policies at most venues. Despite the challenges, my collection now nears 1,000 examples yet there remains a number of empty spaces that are worthy of my continued effort.

Here are some highlights from my unique and growing collection.


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